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Scott Murray
Scott Murray, Marketing Manager at Wisdom Labs
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How to Prioritize Employee Mental Wellbeing in Your Return to the Office

As we try to return to normal life, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to show up in the workplace. This summer a staggering 41% of workers considered handing in their notice, resulting...

How to Increase Mental Wellbeing at Work

Many workplace wellness programs focus on encouraging exercise, providing health screenings, and improving nutrition. But supporting employees’ mental wellbeing is equally, if not more important,...

4 Reasons Workplace Mindfulness Programs Fail

     Mindfulness at work continues to be a hot topic. As some of the largest and most successful companies in the world like Google, Salesforce, Nike, and Intel begin providing mindfulness...

30-Day Mindfulness Challenge Boosts Wellbeing in Over 85 Companies

In October 2020 Wisdom Labs launched a month-long mindfulness challenge in partnership with LinkedIn to help companies attain positive behavior change through consistent mindfulness practice....

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