Wisdom Labs Announces “Resilience Challenge” to Support Workplaces Across the Globe

Blog Cover ImageJanuary 12th, 2021—Wisdom Labs is proud to announce the March 2021 Resilience Challenge, in partnership with the Wellness Council of America.

Following the success of the October Mindfulness Challenge, in partnership with LinkedIn, Wisdom Labs seeks to once again reinvigorate workplaces across the globe with their free, community-based mindfulness programming.

The free month-long event will give all employees at participating organizations premium access to the Wise@Work mobile app throughout the month of March in an effort to empower workers all over the world to build community and create sustainable mindfulness habits that will help them combat ongoing stress and potential burnout.

Following from past events, participants will once again have access to live weekly webinars with business leaders and top voices in workplace wellness and stress resilience including author and entrepreneur Chip Conley.

In conjunction with the challenge, a new series from Conley entitled “Cultivating Wisdom at Work” will arrive on the Wise@Work App on March 1st, 2020. Wise@Work Communities customers can also enjoy a new leadership series featuring Chip on the Communities platform.


What is the Challenge?

The Resilience Challenge is a workplace initiative designed to help teams build daily habits and develop skills that will help them grow through adversity and emerge stronger.

The Challenge works in 2 easy steps:

1.) Internal “Challenge Leaders” volunteer to host a challenge for their entire company by filling out an application form. Once approved, they champion the cause each week by sharing updates with their team, generating excitement, and distributing prizes to those who meet the challenge.

2.) Employees at participating companies create a free Wise@Work App account using their work email. Throughout the month they work to complete at least 20 mindfulness sessions on the mobile app, learning new mindfulness and resilience techniques in just minutes per day.

The October 2020 challenge event saw participation from more than 85 companies across the globe including LinkedIn, Merck, Autodesk, Quora, and the University of Tennessee Medical Center. A combined 1 million minutes of mindfulness practice recording on the Wise@Work App during the month. 

Past challenge participants reported a 17% increase in Calm and Balance, 7% increase in Focus and Productivity, and a 6% increase in Community and Connection after practicing for a combined total of 2 hours (less than 5 minutes per day) in October.

Learn more about the program by visiting the FAQ page.


Why Join A Challenge?

Stress levels in the workplace have long been on the rise. With the added strain of the COVID-19 pandemic, employees are at an even greater risk for burnout, which can lead to spikes in healthcare costs, time off, and turnover.

Thankfully, mindfulness training has been shown to greatly reduce stress and it’s resulting effects when practiced in the workplace, which is why Wisdom Labs has designed a specific resilience-themed challenge event for 2021.

Wisdom Labs has worked with hundreds of HR, Wellness, Talent, and Learning and Development leaders to create this unique program that uses community to help mindfulness training stick and transform workplaces into more supportive, resilient communities.


What’s Included?

Participating organizations receive:

  • Premium access to the Wise@Work App for their entire company throughout the challenge
  • Daily recommended practices
  • Live weekly webinars with leading teachers
  • Engagement Dashboard and Internal Leaderboard
  • Challenge Toolkit with email templates, best practices, and more
  • Realtime support from Wisdom Labs 


How to Get Involved:

HR or other senior leaders are encouraged to sign up their organizations for the Resilience Challenge before the end of February. Click the link below to become a Challenge Leader for your organization:


Learn More


About Wisdom Labs:

Wisdom Labs is building wiser workplace for a better world with digital solutions designed to promote positive behavior change in the workplace. Wisdom Labs' Wise@Work solutions help organizations improve performance, increase engagement, and build stress resilience—leading to reduced healthcare and turnover expense.



WELCOA (Wellness Council of America) is one of the nation’s most-respected resources for building high-performing, healthy workplaces. With a 30 year history and more than 4,000 corporate members, WELCOA has an impeccable reputation for helping business and health professionals improve employee well-being and create healthier organizational cultures.

Wisdom Labs

Wisdom Labs solves for stress, burnout, and loneliness in the workplace using the science of mindfulness, resilience, and compassion. Our Wise@Work digital product suite reduces stress, increases engagement, and builds community in your organization using peer-to-peer mindfulness and resilience training to form new, healthy working habits that improve employee satisfaction and your bottom line.

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