Wisdom Labs’ Mental Emotional Social Wellbeing Response Kit

Today we launched our COVID-19 Mental, Emotional, and Social Wellbeing Response kit. To address the difficulties most companies are currently experiencing, we are providing free 30-day access to our mindfulness app, Wise@Work, and Virtual Communities. We have also built robust strategies for leaders who are looking for longer-term solutions.

Our goal in building this free kit was to take all of the input from our clients and partners, and our own expertise, and deliver something that companies can use immediately to support their workforce in addressing anxiety, uncertainty, and social isolation during these stressful times.

Wisdom Labs' Mental Emotional Social Wellbeing Response Kit

The Wisdom Labs free resource kit is giving access to unique, science-based solutions that have helped companies like LinkedIn, Salesforce and the Kaufman Foundation bring higher productivity to their workforces through mindfulness and compassion. The kit supports employees by addressing mental, emotional, and social wellbeing in 3 steps:

  1. Offer Relief – Provide immediate on-demand relief for stress with the Wise@Work App.
  2. Build Connection – Address the social isolation of your remote workforce.
  3. Think Long Term – Create a sustainable solution for your entire organization.

Get access to all of these resources here.

Please note: Our 90-day offer has expired. Please proceed for a 30-day offering.

Wisdom Labs

Wisdom Labs solves for stress, burnout, and loneliness in the workplace using the science of mindfulness, resilience, and compassion. Our Wise@Work digital product suite reduces stress, increases engagement, and builds community in your organization using peer-to-peer mindfulness and resilience training to form new, healthy working habits that improve employee satisfaction and your bottom line.

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