Harvard Business Review: 5 Ways to Boost Your Resilience at Work

Currently, a quarter of all employees view their jobs as the number one stressor in their lives, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The World Health Organization...

Harvard Business Review: Battling the Physical Symptoms of Stress

HBR Staff by Parneet Pal

Steve should have been celebrating. A 30-something entrepreneur in the Bay area, he had just closed a multi-million dollar round of Series A financing for his startup.

Harvard Business Review: Help Your Team Manage Stress, Anxiety, and Burnout

Dave Wheeler FOR HBR 

(originally published January 21, 2016) 

It can be tough enough to manage your own stress. But how can you, as a manager, help the members of your team handle their feelings...

Mindful Magazine: Start with a Purpose


Your day-to-day activities offer ample opportunities to call up mindfulness in any moment. Breathe space into your morning routine with this simple wake-up practice.

Mindful Magazine: Stress and Your DNA: How mindfulness at work may alter your gene expression

(originally published on Feb 29, 2016)

Getting your finger pricked at work for a blood sample is not something you’d expect elite advertising execs to agree to. But, on a warm July day in 2015,...

Mindful Magazine: A User’s Guide to Living Well in Screenworld


3 tech insiders on making digital technology work for us—not the other way around.

(originally published May 28, 2013)

Remembering Wisdom 2.0

Wisdom 2.0 just completed here in San Francisco, and we had an amazing time meeting with old friends and making new connections!

Life's Work


“Most of us think too much about what we should do and not enough about what we should be.”

The Quiet Work of Awareness

Often it is said that the practice of mindfulness and meditation can lead to great clarity and insight. In cultivating stillness and presence there arises from within a deep knowing or...

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